Scott Wolfe blogs from London

Former Monash Warrior and Outback player Scott Wolfe has made a serious commitment to gridiron and has moved to London to play in the BAFA National League in the UK. For the coming weeks Scott will update all our Outback friends about his road to the 2012 BritBowl.

This year I have made the move over to London and joined the three time reigning
national champion American football team, the London Blitz. Coming over I didn’t
quite know what to expect except for some of the film I had seen on youtube and the
reputation that had from some of the English players currently playing in Australia.

After winning the EFAF cup last year, the Blitz stepped up to compete in the
Eurobowl this year. Unfortunately, I had made it over too late to be included on the
eurobowl roster but was happy to settle in playing in the national league. After being
in contact with the Blitz’s defensive coordinator before coming over, I joined the
team late into their domestic preseason and after they had already secured their first
eurobowl win, beating the Flash in Paris, 7-6. Needless to say, I had a lot of catching
up to do.

First impressions, the team had depth and quality players. The defence included a
LB that was with the Chargers on their practise squad, multiple LB’s part of the GB
national team, two corners that played college ball in the states, a safety that played in
the GFL with Lubek, a couple more safeties that are part of the GB national team, and
even a few players that were part of NFL Europe’s development programs. As for the
training, they run a good program. Warm ups, to walk offense/defense walkthroughs,
individuals, then bring it all together for scrimmage at the end. Training is high tempo
and no messing around. The team trains 3 times a week, or twice when we have a
game. Finally, the team itself resembles a proper American football team. The big
players (LB, OL/DL) are actually big and strong, not just large and unfit, and the fast
players are real fast.

With about 100 players on the list, I made the 50 man game day roster for our first
game against Ipswich (a newly promoted premiership division team) with only being
with the team for a week (luckily). Playing Strong safety, I moved into a positional
group that had a lot of depth so I had to prove myself to get the reps. Over the
season though, I have ended up starting games, and getting quite a lot of game time
(especially when we come out in 5DB packages) and have finished the season leading
all DB’s in tackles, sacks, tied in interceptions, and TD returns.

The team has had its ups and downs. After making it to the quarterfinals in the euro
bowl, the team lost to Berlin to finish their run in the Euro bowl. In the domestic
league, we dropped only two games; both to our cross-town rival the London
warriors. Losing both times by 4 points in games that should have been won. As for
the rest of the games, they have mostly been blowouts, ranging from 30 point wins to
a 91-6 win against Bristol Aztecs.

As a whole, it has been a great experience playing Britball this year. The quality of
Football is better than back home in Aus, the speed of the game is much faster, and
playing quality teams like London Warriors is incomparable to big games in GA.
I have had to work on technique and speed a lot and learnt a whole lot more. This
week we are preparing to take on the East Kilbride Pirates (from Glasgow, Scotland),

winners of the premier division, northern conference in the Britbowl semi final at
there home field, a short 8 hour bus ride away from London. Winners to go through to
what is expected to be a final rematch with the London Warriors in the Britbowl.

Will have a semi final report after the EKP game.

by Sam Weller