National Training Camp Gold Coast 17-21 February

Outback Australian Gridiron

With only 18 more days to go to the National Training Camp, preparations to the World Cup are heating up. 

The camp will be held at Runaway Bay training centre on the Gold Coast. During 4 long and intense days of 2 a day practices with daily meetings and testing the Outback will start their selection process. Close to 70 players from 6 states will make their way to the Gold Coast to impress the coaches and make the final 45 man roster that will travel to Austria in the beginning of July this year.

For close to a year the players have been working in the weight room and on the track to improve their athletic skills. During this time players have been tested and have been improving constantly.

Coach John Leijten told GA that he is expecting great things at the camp. We will have the best players that Australia has to offer in a highly competitive environment. We will work them hard to select players who are able to play hard and fast. We need players who are physically and mentally tough and can fight their way into the World Cup team.
At the end of the camp we will have some tough decisions to make. There will be some good players staying home that’s how deep we are at some positions. On top of that we might be able to add some college players to our roster.

Running back Coach Brendan Bowe commented; “I am most excited about the upcoming February camp for the Outback to be held over 4 days at the Gold Coast. My mouth was watered with my participation in the successful UK tour in 2009 and  I am again fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented local players & coaches on our march toward the 2011 World Cup. With 2 a day training sessions and daily positional meetings, the camp promises to be the most intense, and hopefully enjoyable, yet….”

by Sam Weller